How to keep yourself invisible on the web?

Did you ever wanted to be invisible? Pretty hard to achieve this in real life. But can you be invisible online?

Well, there are 2 ways of doing it. One in which you are guaranteed to be a ghost and another one to be more like a shadow.

If you want to become a ghost, and you read this article from your phone… you might want to start with getting rid of it. Everything is linked. That’s the main reason why it is called the world wide web or WWW as we know it. No one can be a ghost if you are connected to something. However, how could you live in this world without a smartphone, right?

As such, there is a second option…becoming a shadow. There are multiple layers of shadowing. The top-level being that you keep most of the information private and the last layer being you are so hard to find that 99% of individuals who are attempting to search about you would give up. I personally call this layer the shadow in the dark.

For the top level, you might want to reconsider who are you befriending on social media. Might want to do some spring cleaning there. You might also want to split people into groups. For example, you want just the closest people to have access to your images or to be able to see your friends. Also, you might want to remove some information from your profile. A good example would be the place you were born or the place where you currently live or work. This should be enough for someone who just wants to stay in the shadows. Now…do you want to go to the next level? Remove all photos of you. Don’t take photos with your friends, don’t use the check-in feature. More or less, minimize your social media presence as much as you can and you are comfortable with.

The following layer is the shadow in the dark level. You might ask yourself… what is next? Put false information about you, have outdated information available online.
Now you would ask why is that? The answer is simple. What is worse than no information? False information or outdated information. If someone knows they can’t find anything online might try to find other ways of achieving it. But if they find something and chase that trail that is false, you just had minimized the chances for that individual to try something else. But as I said in the beginning if you want to go off the grid, you might want to cancel your credit card, buy a classic phone with no GPS and start using cash only…also, no vehicles with GPS features. But that’s another topic for another time.

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