Branding Protection, how we do it?

Our world is surrounded by brands, even if we talk about global brands or small local brands that are trying to become popular, we see them everywhere. But why do we trust a brand? In this article, we will see why branding protection is important, how it can affect our company and how does the branding protection team defends us?

The brand protection team is responsible for ensuring that our clients’ hard-worked brand is kept at the level desired by them and ensuring no unauthorised individuals will exploit it. But how do we achieve this?

The main concern for our clients is Social Media Security. In Today’s society, social media plays a huge role in an individual’s life. Everything and everyone is connected and a rumour that seems like it comes from a trustable source can have a huge impact on a brand.

As such, the branding protection team’s or our main task is to find the said profiles, take as much evidence as possible; anything from posts, timelines, check-ins, photos and even friends. This information helps us track further incidents while also makes our case stronger when we get in touch with the support team for said social media platforms. Our end goal is to eliminate the said profile to make sure no malicious actions could be done from the said source. Sometimes, we cannot obtain said information because the accounts are inactive. In this case, the said profile will go under the monitoring process.

The monitoring process is part of the brand protection methodology and ensures that there are no current threats to a said company. Mostly, this is to ensure no bad-mouthing or false rumours are spread on any social media platform. In addition to social media monitoring and protection, we also handle domain impersonation or even counter-phishing campaigns.

Most companies do not register all the available top domains for their brand or someone tries to make use of a misspelt domain to impersonate the company. In such situations, our task is to take down the website and followed by a request to the Registrar to remove the said domain. While we wait for the takedowns, we have a quick look at the DNS records to see if we can find additional information such as where is the website hosted or if it uses a proxy to handle the traffic. This information is very useful to attempt to understand the reason behind the impersonation.

While impersonation is terrible, phishing campaigns are the worst. Lots of confidential data can be lost or even money. In such circumstances, the response time is of the essence. Our team has a really fast response time and handles such situations professionally. In such situations we usually end up calling registrars and the hosting companies to take down the website or the mail server, depending on the attacker’s approach. In the meantime, if necessary, we can also get in touch with the company’s employees and partners to inform them of the situation to mitigate the risk as much as possible.

This being said, we can conclude that the Brand Protection Team’s role is very important nowadays and could save companies, people and data from unwanted incidents. Branding is essential because not only is it what makes a memorable impression on consumers but it allows clients to know what to expect from your company. That’s why a secured brand could have a major impact on your company’s trust. Our team is specialized in digital security protection and the Brand Protection Team will make sure that your brand, your digital identity is being continuous monitored, defended and trusted.

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