We are a young boutique consulting company based in Cluj Napoca, founded by senior engineers and project managers, offering Cyber Security Services for clients in Romania and abroad. 

We are proud of achieved very good results by highlighting weaknesses even with all client defenses active.

Armed with proficiency in multiple security application tools, network technologies and operating systems, as well as a knack for translating complex security aspects into business terms, we are able and ready to provide any company with comprehensive security services.


Our Penetration Testing can be seen as an attempt for the good guys to break in. The purpose is to identify security weaknesses that real attackers could exploit, in order to protect sensitive information and key business activities. 

Whether it’s about web applications, mobile applications, servers or networks the purpose is always the same: detect breaches like hackers would and help you defend attacks.


● 2013: Andrei Pușoiu and Daniel Ciobanu founded the Security Division at a local outsourcing company (400+ employees) and started work on penetration testing projects as freelancers

● 2014: Expanded the services through the middle east region (UAE)

● 2015: Started pentesting IoT devices, found significant vulnerabilities in 11+ million deployed devices

● 2016: Establish the webpentesting.com brand, opening of the US market

● 2017: Partnership with other local Cyber Security Companies for outsourcing projects

● 2017: Andrei Pușoiu incorporates Cyber Threat Defense SRLin association with Daniel Ciobanu

● 2018: Alexandru Armean joins the company as associate to complement with IT Security Management and Project Management experience

● 2018: hiring of 3 more security engineers

● 2018: significant number of new projects (investigations in cumulated 1 milion € frauds, over 1000 pentest, multiple on-site engagement in UAE and across the country)